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Coasters make a great promotional gift. They are ideal for mailing and have a high use factor. There are also many different types to choose from to suit your busines or promotion.

Aqua Coaster
Liquid filled coaster
Welded PVC Coaster
Coaster with foam base and plastic top.
Heat Reveal Coaster
Reveals an image when exposed to heat.
Recycled Coaster
Round or square recycled plastic coaster. Made from vending cups.
B1c/W1c Solid Coloured Coaster
Solid, hard acrylic coasters.
V1/N1 Insert Acrylic Coaster
2-piece acrylic coasters with full colour inserts available.
Bonded Leather Coaster
Foil blocked onto bonded leather.
PVC Coaster
90mm round layered PVC coaster.
Lenticular Coaster
Bring the illusion of depth and movement to your design.


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